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King's Call: Mobile Fantasy RPG Game
Unity • iOS • Design • Independent Game
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The King’s lands are beset on all sides by bandits, goblins, and strange creatures, but an even more ominous threat looms in the dark tower on the horizon...


You’ve been recruited to lead a force to cleanse the land! Take command of your new guild, and recruit heroes from the local tavern to join your ranks.


Train your heroes through battle, and acquire fantastic loot in an epic campaign spanning 6 zones.


Upgrade and reforge your items to create the legendary artifacts you’ll need to take down the most powerful bosses in the land!

Real-time Battles

Watch your heroes fight in real-time 3D battles, or send them off and check back later to claim the loot! Gain experience to promote your heroes to the next level, and unlock powerful new skills.


Deep RPG Strategy

Create your ideal party from over 100 different class combinations from the 4 primary schools: Defense, Healing, Support, and Magic. Redefine the classic roles of tank healer and dps with creative hybrid classes that suit your playstyle!


Multiple Game Modes

Race to be the first to finish the Campaign, assert dominance by pushing farthest in the Solo, Duo, or Party Trials, or create the ultimate 8-man team to take down Raid bosses. Battle against other players in the Arena. 


Exciting Roadmap


From limited-time events to PvP seasons and brand new items, you can expect a ton of cool updates as the game grows. We’re a small indie team that loves games as much as you do, and we can’t wait to see you in King’s Call!

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