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Dev ops as a service

Brand & illustration

UX/UI web design

User testing

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Gruntwork provides DevOps as a service, and gets companies up and running on AWS and GCP quickly and smoothly. Their service has been proven in production at hundreds of companies and is maintained and supported by the Gruntwork DevOps experts.

We partnered with one of their founders to design a new service catalog browsing experience, and ended up doing lots of design exploration around ways to better communicate their brand and unique offerings. We also explored potential designs for a robust docs site and an enterprise user experience.


The illustration work for this project was especially engaging, as we were visually portraying complicated technical processes.

This illustration for example, portrays the work the Gruntwork team does to package up tech like Terraform and make it a reusable piece of infrastructure code for Gruntwork customers.


Since the service catalog was a core piece of this design engagement it was important to have some user interviews with existing Gruntwork customers. This helped us understand how users wanted to browse and use a catalog.

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